Carbon Object Error: Unexpected data found. Data missing.

In laravel 5, when retrieving a Carbon date object and you get an error like this:

Unexpected data found.
Unexpected data found.
Data missing

You need to set the date mutators on the model, like this:

public function setTimeAttribute($date)
      $this->attributes['time'] = Carbon::parse($date);

Hope it helps!


California Dates!

Recently, my friend and I were drinking a cup of tea together, when he took something out from his bag. It was dates (kurma in Bahasa). I wasn’t really suprised, since I know that dates can be bought easily here in United States. But the thing that made me surprised is the fact that the dates were originally come from California! After all these years, I thought that dates can only grow in Arabic countries.

At first, I didn’t believe that it came from CA, but after I googled it, it is TRUE! California dates does really exist! California dates are naturally grown in a desert in Coachella Valley, California. These dates are also called Medjool dates. Medjool dates are also grown in Arizona, US.

Medjool dates that I ate were really good. It has only small seeds, with soft and thick fruit flesh. And also, it tastes really sweet. What a nice evening tea we had! 🙂

Islam, Note


Today was my first Friday in US. My friends took me to a mosque to perform the Jumat Prayer. The mosque located not very far, just a couple blocks from our place.

Mosques in US are very different with the ones in Indonesia. No one could tell that a place is a mosque until you go inside it. From outside, it looks like a normal building/house.

When I arrived at the mosque, it was pretty crowded. The mosque was not very big. It could only take 100 people inside of it. The adhan was being recited by the muezzin when I entered the mosque. At that moment, I realized that I REALLY MISS HEARING ADHAN. Then, I sit and listened to it very carefully.

This is my first time hearing an adhan since I came to US. Adhan in US can only be recited inside a mosque. Whereas, in Indonesia, adhans are recited five times a day from the mosque’s minaret, reciting Allah’s name to its surrounding area. Subhanallah!

To all my Indonesian brother/sister, please know and ponder that, the fact that you can hear an adhan everyday, five times a day, is really a blessing. You should say Alhamdulillah and be grateful of this condition. As they say

You’ll never know what you have until you lose it

and that’s what I feel right now. You’ll feel this too when you go to places where adhans are recited only in the inside of a mosque.

May we always remember that Allah is always with us wherever we are. Aamiin..

Image, Note

A(nt) Bookstore

This morning, in New Jersey, my friend took me to a place called Ant Bookstore to have a breakfast (Yeah, the bookstore have a small cafe inside of it). Inside the bookstore, instrumental musics were being played, it’s kinda familiar in my ear, which later I realized that it’s a Turkish style instrumental music. Also, inside the bookstore, the faces I saw were familiar to me. Those are Turkish people’s faces! At that moment, I realized that this bookstore must have been established by Turkish-American Community in New Jersey.

Then I looked up at the logo of the bookstore.. and shocked.


This logo is exactly the same with NT bookstores’ logo in Turkey with an addition of letter “a” at the front. Those who have been lived in Turkey must have known NT bookstore. The bookstores are widely scattered across the country. They can be easily found in many places, especially in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.


My friend told me that the bookstore is indeed one of NT branches located in US. They sell books in English, Spanish, and Turkish. They also sell some Turkish food! I was kinda miss them 😀

These are some pics of the bookstore..

l l (1) l (2) l (3)


And this was my breakfast! Yummy :9



Amina and Haris

C360_2013-09-17-10-34-51-989_org C360_2013-09-17-10-39-04-347_orgLet me introduce you to my new friends!! They are Amina and Haris, Brother Roland’s children..

On my first day in New York, I stayed at Roland’s house, just for a night. And I met with these cute little kids!

Like many other kids they were shy when they first saw someone new. But later we had breakfast and played together 🙂

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time together. I had some things to settle and needed to go to New Jersey.

Goodbye kids, hopefully I’ll meet you guys later 😀